• Hearing aids can’t restore hearing back to normal, but will assist in making things easier to hear.
  • The life of a hearing aid is around five to six years.
  • Two hearing aids are better than one.
  • A hearing aid professional will assist you in selecting the best hearing aid as per your budget, life style requirement and your hearing loss
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Of course, Yes, you will get trial before finalising your buy for most of the design. However, for custom model trial would be given by readymade custom CIC or ITC as a custom hearing aid is not readymade and is made with your ear impression. #Get Free Hearing aid Trial

The cost of hearing aids is determined on the basis of unique challenges of patients, for example, hearing loss in one or both ears. Further, features, lifestyle requirements, and added professional services add to the cost. #Best Digital Hearing Machine at affordable price

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Here’s why two hearing aids can be better than one:

Better hearing in a noisy environment:

Research has shown that speech understanding in noisy environments is optimized when the brain receives sound input from both ears.

Improved ability to localize sounds:

The brain uses the sound input from both ears to help determine the direction of the sound source. Having a hearing aid in only one ear can alter this sense of direction making it more difficult to localize sound.

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Hearing aids can make understanding speech much easier. However, they do not restore the natural functioning of your ear. # Best Hearing aid centre

The life of a hearing aid is about five to seven years. It is important to have regular appointments to ensure your hearing aid is functioning and programmed properly. Hearing aids also come with different warranties, typically two to three years, covering repair and loss replacement. Many hearing aids are still functioning well after seven years, while others may need re-programming, repair, or replacement. #Hearing aids

The non rechargeable hearing aid uses button type Zinc air batteries  and rechargeable hearing aid uses Lithium-ion batteries.