Receiver-In-Canal (RIC)

Receiver-in-canal (RIC) hearing aids sit behind the ear and deliver sound directly into the ear. This is because the receiver is located outside of the hearing aid itself and instead inside the ear canal. The hearing aid and receiver are connected by a discreet ? receiver wire? which houses an electrical cable.

Receiver-in-canal hearing aids (RIC hearing aids) are the most popular type of hearing aids. They can also be called receiver in ear hearing aids (RIE hearing aids). They are similar to the BTEs with a major change- receiver of these hearing aids are smaller in size and covered with comfortable soft domes which are connected with a small thin invisible tube which goes inside the ear. This makes user feel very comfortable as user does not get a feeling of blockage and filled of something in his ear. Microphones in the main body of the hearing aids send sounds down through the thin, virtually invisible tubing in the receiver the sound processing takes place in the ear. RIC Hearing Aids are known for their small and hardly noticeable size. Modern RIC of companies like Starkey, Phonak, Signia and Widex are not only water resistant but also rechargeable and can be connected with smartphone directly or through a external accessory. We at Nityant Hearing Care, Ahmedabad give demo and trial to the users with the best suitable option of RIC available in the market based on user hearing test and need and the price.

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