Smartphone Compatible HA

Our world is now connected through digital communication and smartphones. Many wearable devices connect to smartphones via Bluetooth. Now Bluetooth comes in hearing aids too.

Smartphone compatible hearing aids connect directly to your smartphone. These hearing aids enable you to connect with your Apple® or Android™ devices so you can stream calls and audio from your smartphone to your hearing aids. They also connect to hearing aid apps, so you can adjust your sound settings discreetly. Hearing aids like Phonak’s Lumity and paradise series can connect to all the smartphone. Models like Signia’s AX series, Starkey Livio and Evolve series, Widex Moment series, Audifon Wings series can connect to all the smartphone having ASHA protocol. At my sound centers, you can get all the smart phone compatible hearing aids at the best price. Also, you will have access to getting free hearing aids trial before finalising your purchases.

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